CharlesChuPhotography: Blog en-us (C) CharlesChuPhotography (CharlesChuPhotography) Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:22:00 GMT Thu, 14 Apr 2016 16:22:00 GMT CharlesChuPhotography: Blog 120 120 Nikon in space Dang this is where I want to get a gig shooting. I'm sure the mirrorless fanbois would dump their equipment, look how light that D4 and 800mm is!


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Mirrorless or not Sony fanbois are making lots of noise, and rightly so the new toy in town looks pretty cool, has some neat tricks and takes a mean picture.   


I had the opportunity more than once now to play with the a7RII and a6300, very nice, but let's not get carried away here.    Both are incremental improvements and really move both lines forward and improve items that probably limited past owners, offered enough to lure some new users too.    


I'll claim to be agnostic as I believe the evolution of the high end image capture tool must eventually move from a flapping mirror to a mirrorless, just too many advantages, but sadly all the reasons being trumped still aren't good enough yet for how I shoot.  Might be good enough for others to flee the Canikon family and feel joy in the company of these loud fanbois, LOL.       A EVF may someday be good enough, but still not there, it is really good enough already for most casual shooting but pressed for the fastest action the focus and tracking still NOT there, close.  Sorry I don't drop 10000 bucks to be close, I buy to have what gives me the best possible chance to get the shot, it ain't with mirrorless, LOL.  


For some maybe they can see or pretend some advantage and changing systems saves them a few cubic cm  and a few hundred grams in their bag,  but they are fooling themselves.  Just eat a bit less, exercise a bit more and you'll be far better off in Canikon land, trust me don't be stupid early adopter.


Two sides to the story:



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What is a "good" lens? I've dabbled with the best of the Nikon's 24 1.4G, 50 1.4 and 1.8G, 85 1.8G, 200F2 ( that last one is one very special lens! ). Have yet to play with the new fanciest Sigma Art and or the uber expensive and snobbish at the highest level Zeiss ones, LOL


Now have the 20 2.8D, 24 2.8D, 28 2.8D, 35F2D, and 50 1.4D and soon will own one of the 85 1.4 D lens.  I do find them sometimes more fun to shoot both wide open and stopped down.  I personally have no need for the cost, sharpness and perfection of them uber expensive as with these primes I don't print larger.  They have plenty of faults that I can see when mounted to my D810 but it is all about good enough and fun right?   I am having so much fun in fact I see a Df returning to the stable soon!   My conclusion after seeing the peepers and measurbators fap, for them may be worthwhile, but for me,  find better to drop that crazy amount of money on a body ( my film of yesterday ) gets me far more pleasure and immediate return than those lens, but that is me.


Seriously, I'm the last to not believe the latest isn't better, but at some point good enough is good enough. I still see some measurable gain in the bodies. There is a place for some of the pricier stuff and I do own them 24-70E, 70-200VRII, owned and sold 14-24G.   I still lust for more reach and speed; 300 2.8, 400 2.8, 200-400F4 and the Sigma 120-300 2.8 sports, and the Tamron 15-30 2.8, but finding on the prime side for fun and not sport the cheaper older stuff is what I'm more than happy with.  Dang they will last well into my retirement, hope Nikon keeps on putting focus motors in the Df2 and D6!




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Amateur of sorts gets to shoot Superbowl 50 Dang how does an rank amateur get a photo pass and get to shoot Superbowl 50, I totally could do that!

Oh he is rather famous dude, not bad for an amateur photographer.


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Of editing and manipulation I love a great photograph of a special moment as anyone, and thus my passion for photography and gear.   Sadly in this day and age of digital, internet/media and the desire/need for shock and standout it is too convenient to manipulate our photos.    You’ll find me mostly shooting JPG, very rarely RAW and only do simple touch up in post; crop, global adjust of color/contrast/levels.      Most who meet me are shocked I don’t shoot RAW, nor even own a copy of photoshop.  Yup, you heard right no Photoshop or other major commercial editing tools, just shoot and do quick edit.  Every picture here is almost SOC and edited as noted.  Some may say what a waste of the great capability, I just see it as published as captured with a few corrections for settings not gotten just right by photographer at the moment ;-)


I found these two articles very educational and worth pondering.


Link 1

Link 2


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Now this is a shot only a Nikon guy would do... Check this video out, better have the best AFS, and of course with Nikon!



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Sad state of editorial sports photography Fortunate for me I have really good paying job to let me play in action photography.  Not yet ready to buy my 300 and 400 2.8, but could if the opportunity arrives, terrible to have to try and make a living in it though.




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Tougher and tougher to make a living as a photographer Who do you think are the worlds best action / sports photographers and get dibs on best events and locations?   I'd guess those that cover for Sports Illustrate and get those amazing  action photo's of those special moments that happen in the blink of the eye.   Sadly it looks like even the best shooters that always get the best pictures to grace their pages can be let go.   Dang does that mean any bloke with ~$30,000 to invest in a couple 1DMkX or D4s and a few lenses ( 400 2.8, 300 2.8, 70-200 2.8, 24-70 2.8 ) can get the shot.  Ha I know there is hope for a rich amateur like me, I know I can get the shot like them, just give me access and I'll get the shot!



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Statistics of Pro Photographers, IE those that are paid. An interesting article on "pro photographers"  where they live, how many are there, the ratio to gigs and most important how much they make!  Lets just say this will stay a hobby for me.




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