"Today's Pictures Are Tomorrow's Memories" 

One, five, ten or maybe twenty years from now what will you remember of loved ones, places traveled, special moments experienced, or daily moments to treasure? Or think about it another way, have you ever looked at a picture from a few years ago, from a vacation, a special moment and have it bring back a warm feeling inside and a big smile?  As an "older" guy with more and more in the rear view mirror than on the road ahead having those wonderful pictures of past times has become more and more special, and that is why photography is both a hobby and passion of mine. Take a picture and capture that special moment in time and you'll be able to treasure it forever!

The pictures here are more archival and represent some of the shots I’ve taken while photographing my kids.  They do grow up fast, don’t blink or the moments will be gone.   If you find something you like I hope you find it worthy of purchase. The cost are far cheaper than those charged by the pros and the little I make keep the site up for others that just want a screen capture for their phone.

A long long time ago in a place far far away I got the photo bug and saved up my pennies in high school and shot as my first SLR an Olympus OM2.  Later between school, then raising a family was way too busy & poor so I just settled on capturing "Kodak" moments with cheap film cameras.   I first ventured into digital with a cheap Kodak P&S and quickly started upgrading every 6 months or so as each new model was measurably better and better, thanks to Moore's Law.

As my kids started doing fast action stuff found with the leap to a DLSR how much better pictures could be and became a crazy Nikon dad with a D40 and then from there the crazy NAS started and has yet to end!  As they got faster, the kids that is, I had too also and get better too! Shot my kids participating in Football, Wrestling, X-Country, Track & Field, Swimming, Gymnastics and Skiing. These days find myself doing sports less and more often Theater, Ballet, and Dance.  Doesn't matter what it is, I love the challenge of capturing the "best" moment the "best!"   As I try and explain to my dear wife, it's much easier with the "best" equipment.

Call me peculiar or is it lazy, but you won't find me waking up early or traveling to crazy places lugging 30+lbs of equipment to take a picture for the sake of a picture.   If a "Kodak" moment presents itself and I have "the equipment" conveniently there I'll take it. If I don't, the ever present iPhone is more than good enough!!!  You will not find many pictures of sunsets, iconic scenery, or me simply out challenging myself with my D5. Arrogant or not, I know with a little work there isn't any shot I can't get with the right equipment.   Like I said, call me lazy, peculiar, and arrogant. Take a picture that captures the moment personally and is meaningful is what matters in the end. Life is too short to waste too much time taking pictures for the sole purpose the picture, and also life is too short and memory too fleeting to not have pictures of moments in life!   Or most simply  "if a photograph makes you happy:  it's a good photograph.  You are the best judge of your photography!"  

These days shooting a D5 for the best action/low-light/sports and pretty good at everything else too.  Find it mounted to 24-70E VR & 70-200 2.8G VRII zooms or primes; 20, 28, 35, 50, 85 and 200 or with 14, 17 or 20 TCs. For portrait or lowlight when I need it, add a SB900 / SB600 flash with remotes / stands / umbrellas if required. When I want to go small and light without sacrificing speed nor too much IQ you can find me shooting a Nikon 1 and some CX glass ( 6.7-13, 10-100, 10 prime ), or mated with FT1 to an F-mount  for some serious reach with FPS! Of course there is always the ever present iPhone for them easy to take and easy to share snapshots / selfies, but when you really want the best you got to use the high end stuff for the best special pictures!  

If you have a specific event or portrait you'd like me to shoot feel free to drop me a note. I don't charge a fee and you can compare my work to so called "pro's" and their prices, I give them more than a run for the money with equipment that matches or exceeds most pros! The few $ I make selling the photos here help me cover the cost of hosting this web site and storage of the digital pictures for a bit.  BTW if I don't have the right/best equipment  for an upcoming shoot, don't worry, I now have the excuse to go get it again.

Bodies come and gone: D40, D300 D5000, D5100, D3200, D7000, D700, D3s, D600, D800e, D4, D810, & Df ( I buy and sell a lot, my current stable of equipment is always for sale for the right price ).  Right now with the D5 I think the pinnacle has been reached.  The D5 is very close to the ideal possible at high ISO (see this link ), can't seeing need much more, but I'm always on the lookout currently looking for a nice used D810 / Df,   200-400F4.  


Lenses come and gone:

Nikon-F:   14-24G, 16-35G, 24-70G, 70-200G VR1, 50 1.8D, 50 1.8G, 50 1.4G, 200F2 VR1,  28-70D,  24-85G, 18-200G VR1, 16-85G VR, 18-55, 18-55VR, 70-300VR, 18-105G, 24-120G F4,  35 1.8G DX

Tamron-F:  28-75, 28-300VC, 17-35

Nikon CX:  10-30,  30-110

As if you don't know by reading this but I must confess my terrible midlife crisis is NAS ( Nikon Acquisition Syndrome).   I love trying new equipment.  I am not a collector,  keep what I use often and what really improves my capability, sell what I don't use as it is so easy with CL, Fredmiranda, and eBay to buy and sell off what you don't need or use. 

Some may ask why Nikon?  Well started as I picked the D40 on sale at Costco versus the Canon Rebel, LOL.   If the Canon Rebel had been on sale at the time instead I'd be shooting a Canon 1D X MKii with some white lens. Since I ain't a weak / fat guy the mirrorless hold little interest with their small form factor and fancy menus and slower focus, yet that is.  Hopefully mirrorless will get there when they get some fast lens that match up from 14 - 300 in the 2.8 range with focus matching the D5 then it could launch my next round of GAS.  

If you have any questions or want to start a conversation about "gear" I can be contacted at clchu "at" yahoo "dot" com

If you've gotten down to here you must be really curious, so here is a little more about me.   Born in Taiwan with a short detour to the Congo ( yes Africa where I uttered my first words in Swahili ), but grew up California, Oklahoma, Colorado and California.  Finished my higher education with a BS in Electrical Engineering at U. C. Berkeley and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford. Started my working career with a short stint on the East coast at IBM in Fishkill and Yorktown Heights working on 0.25um 100GHz Ft SiGe HBT BiCMOS and DRAMs.  Next worked at Intel for 23 years, Did short stints in New Mexico and Arizona before settling here Oregon.   For more than two+ decades worked on the development of EEPROMS, Flash Memory, x86 CPUs, Chipsets, SOCs for phones/tablets and even eDRAMs again.  If it computes with silicon I've probably had some small hand in it.  Done this for something like 10+ generations and counting. It has been a wild and crazy ride from 0.5um down and down to 22nm.   Most recently I've moved to a small technology company called PDF Solutions helping other companies develop and ramp next generation silicon to further change the world.   Hopefully there are a few more generations left, but it will end someday as exponential doubling like this simply can't continue forever and when it ends it will be ugly!  For the layman think of my job as folding sheet of paper in half every two years, at some point there is simply not enough to fold in half again and again ( try that experiment take a sheet and fold it and keep on doing it, and imagine it was about the size of a postage stamp to start ). Think about that for a moment when it ends; the Nikon D*, Samsung Galaxy N+1 and the iPhone N+1, next model TV, appliance, car, next USB stick, next years laptop/tablet won't be thinner, faster, more amazing and for the same price or lower with longer battery life..... interesting thought!  


Thanks for visiting and discovering a bit about me!